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Consigning For Stores

We accept: 

  • New and used: Skis, bindings, snowboards, cross-country skis, boots, and ski/snowboard clothing

  • New helmets

  • Winter sport related items, such as boot bags, carriers, snow shoes, race items, but reach out first to confirm acceptance. 

Please do not bring:

  • Damaged or "unserviceable" gear, such as old bindings or skis/boards with damaged edges.   

  • We do not accept used helmets

  • We do not accept poles, gloves or goggles. 

  • We do not accept any clothing that isn't for winter sports.   No tee-shirts, shorts, shoes, etc.  

Registering your items for the Swap.   Your Options:

There are 3 major pieces we need to manage to get shop inventories set up for sales.

  1. An inventory of items loaded into our system so we know costs, descriptions, types.

  2. Inventory item labels with scannable barcodes produced and attached to each item.

  3. Tags and Twine (for boots) for each item, as well as instructions for tagging.

Tags and Twine, and Instructions for preparing items for the swap.

We assign each store a color for the swap, and will email you the URL's from Uline and Amazon for ordering those.     Information on how and where to attach the items are here.      Contact us with any questions.

Inventory Item Labels:  There are two ways to get labels.

  1. If you use the online system called Remote Data Loader (RDL), you have the option of printing Avery Labels for the items you enter.    You may also use the choose to use RDL and have us print and mail you the labels.   Please let us know which you choose.

  2. If you use the spreadsheet, I will load all the inventory and bulk print the Item Labels and mail them to you.

Entering your Inventory:

Online Entry 

  • Using your consignment number, use the online entry (Remote Data Loader) enter your items at any time before the swap.   Follow the online instructions here.

  • If you are printing labels using RDL, you can enter items and print labels up to the day you show up with your trucks to load inventory.   So the Thursday before the swap.  

  • If you are having us print the labels, we need time to print and mail them, and you will need time to attach them to all the items.   The cut off date for having us print the labels is 2 weeks before the swap (Oct 20'th).

Spreadsheet Entry (for anyone with more than 20 items, you must follow our process for merchants

  • Complete the your inventory forms.   Click here to download the excel form.

  • Either email the form back to us at

  • After you send your spreadsheet, we will print item labels for each item and provide tags, as well as tag placement / attaching instructions.   

  • The cut off date for bulk inventory (ie: spreadsheet) is 2 weeks before the swap begins.  This year that is Oct 20'th.


​Drop-Off Time and Pick Up Times:

  • Drop Off:   We will contact you and arrange a time on the Thursday before the swap begins.  Nov 2'nd.

  • Pick Up Times​:   All items must be picked up on Sunday after 2pm.  We can arrange a timeslot to make sure we can time your pickup.​​

Checking The Status Of Your Inventory:

  • There is an application called MyResaleWeb that will let you see all the inventory items that are loaded in our system, along with their status (Available for sale, Sold, Returned, etc).

  • Before the swap, I will update that website every few days, and it is a good way for you to see your full inventory with us.

  • During the swap, I will update it at the end of each business day.   You can check that to get a view of what has been sold, if you want.

  • If you want to use it, email me.   I have a unique "last name" for shops.   Here are instructions and a link to that application

Sold Items  :

  • Sundown Ski Patrol retains 20% for all sold items, and we use that money to pay for the medical supplies, medical and patrol training and the operations of the Ski Patrol.   Since we operate as a non-profit organization, the Swap is our main sources for funding, and we sincerely thank you for being such a large part of it.

  • We will mail you a check within 10 days of the end of the swap, along with a full inventory of what sold and was returned.

Donations:  We are happy to accept any donations, before, during or after the swap.  

Questions about consignment and sales, contact us at:

We Accept
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