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Become a Ski Patroller or Mountain Host

We are always looking for motivated and talented skiers and riders to join our patrol

National Ski Patrol members have a strong desire to help others, learn emergency care techniques, improve their skiing and snowboarding skills, and enhance the safety and enjoyment of snow sports for all.


There are 3 paths for joining:

  1. Ski Patrollers: support customers and the mountain by providing comprehensive medical emergency care, and medical transportation on the mountain.

  2. Mountain Hosts: support the patrol and assist with basic emergeny care until Patrollers arrive.

  3. Young Adult Patroller:  If you are younger than 16, there is a program especially designed for you called YAP Program   Click that link for more information.  

Below is a quick form (email) that will connect you with our recruiting team.   Below the form is a more detailed description of of the training and sequence of training.

Get in Touch about Ski Patrol and Mountain Hosts
Which days are you available?

Thank you for your interest! We'll get back to you soon.

Ski Patrol

Ski Patrollers:

Sundown Ski Patrol, Inc. offers an annual candidate training program run by National Ski Patrol System, Inc. (NSP) certified instructors, to the standards NSP holds across the USA. 


The candidate classes begin in August each year.. All interested candidates will briefly meet with the key members of the team; our Patrol Director, and the head of the OEC and OET training teams.   We will talk to you about the program, what we do, and how the process works.   We will evaluate your skiing ability to make sure you have the basic skills needed.

Outdoor Emergency Care Training: August through December - online medical training and in-person skills development.  This course combines the use of the OEC Textbook, online tutorials, videos and quizzes. These can be completed according the class schedule at your own convenience. Session are usually from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm; begin late August and run to mid December

These sessions will be practical hands on sessions involving emergency medical care. They are held at Ski Sundown. The class covers all aspects of Outdoor Emergency Care, and covers everything from CPR instruction and trauma care, to environmental and medical emergencies. The course focuses on Emergency Medical Care with an emphasis on team work.  Successful completion of NSP's written and practical exam is required to become a ski patroller.

Outdoor Emergency Transportation Training and Outdoor Emergency Care training: January through March each year.   This training is usually held two night per week but moves the classroom out onto the mountain.  On part of training each week is practicing those OEC skills in real life settings on the mountain.   The second part of the training is focuses on patroller skiing or snowboard techniques combined with toboggan handling - the transportation method used to get injured skiers and boarders to the base.   Candiates will be tested on their situational OEC skills, as well as their skiing and toboggan skills.  

Successful participants are then recommended to the Patrol's Board of Directors to become Alpine Patrollers at Sundown   

Click the following link to learn more about being a patroller with the National Ski Patrol System, Inc.:

We have created a program to help you succeed in your journey

Step 1

Attend a Ski/Ride Along.    Meet the Patrol and get behind the scenes access

Bring Your Own Equipment or Rent On-Site with included lift ticket for the day

Show us your skiing or boarding skills

Step 2

Ready to Join? 

After attending a Ski/Ride along,  A member of our team will be discuss what the patrol is all about and how to start your process.

No prior medical training is required to start.  It is a core part of the OEC curriculum.   If you have prior expereience (EMT / Nurse / other medical professional), your process may be shorter.

Step 3

Complete the Outdoor Emergency Care class taught by NSP certified instructors, and learn from a nationally recognized curriculum


Classes held at Ski Sundown each fall. 


Training includes both textbook medical training along with hands on training that complements book training.

Skills demonstrations help solidify training and annual recertifications keep your skills current

Step 4

Complete OET Training, where you will combine your emergency medical skills with patient transportation.

Rebuild your ski/boarding skills from professionally trained instructors

Learn how to safely approach, care for, load and transport the patient in a first aid-toboggan

Annual recertifications keep these skills current.

Mountain Host

Mountain Hosts:

Our patrol also has a Mountain Host Unit.  As an additional set of eyes at the ski area, Mountain Hosts are trained in basic first aid skills and can be considered the “First Responders” for the Patroller’s they work with.    When required, a Mountain Host can initiate life saving measures prior to the arrival of a Patroller with medical equipment. In order to be qualified as an NSP Mountain Host, a Candidate must have a CPR certificate in “CPR & AED for the First Responder”, and complete the NSP online course “Outdoor First Care”.     Once they have completed the online program, they participate in an 8 hour hands-on instructional class taught by NSP certified instructors. The end of the class a written test as well as a hands-on test scenario is given.

Anyone interested in joining our dynamic group as either a Patroller or Mountain Host,

please complete the form above to be connected with our recruiting and onboarding team.

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