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Consigning at the Swap

Information Covered:

We accept:  Gently used skis, snowboards, cross-country skis, boots, and ski/snowboard clothing that is in excellent condition.   Also winter sport related items, such as boot bags, carriers, snow shoes, and race items.    

Please do not bring:

  • Damaged or "unserviceable" gear, such as old bindings or skis/boards with damaged edges.

  • We do not accept dirty or damaged clothing.   

  • We do not accept used poles, helmets, gloves or goggles. 

  • We do not accept any clothing that isn't for winter sports.   No tee-shirts, shorts, shoes, etc.  Please remember, this is a Ski / Snowboard Swap and not a yard sale.


Consignment Percentage:   Consignors receive 80% of the sales.   Sundown Ski Patrol retains 20% for all sold items, and we use that money to pay for the medical supplies, training and the operations of the Ski Patrol.   As a non-profit organization, the Swap is our main sources for funding, and we sincerely thank you for being such a large part of it.

Registering your items for the Swap.   

*** These processes will begin in early October 2023 ***

Your Options:

  • Online Entry (recommended for less than 20 items)

    • If you are a new consignor and don't have a consignor number, send an us an email with: your Name, Address, Phone and Email and we will set you up as a consignor and send instructions.  Email us at

    • The cutoff day for online entry is the day before the swap begins.  So the Thursday before the swap.  

    • Once you have your consignor number,  follow the online instructions here.

  • Spreadsheet Entry (for anyone with more than 20 items, you must use a spreadsheet). 

    • Complete the your inventory forms.   Click here to download the excel form.

    • Either email the form back to us at

    • After you send your spreadsheet, we will print item labels for each item and provide tags, as well as tag placement / attaching instructions.   

    • Once done, come to the swap and through the Intake process.   We will scan and move your items to the sales floor.  

    • The cutoff day for spreadsheets is One Full Week before the Swap begins.   This time will be needed to make sure you have time to prepare your items for the swap.


  • In Person on Swap Day (recommended for 5 or less items, if you didn't use the Online Entry Option)

    • Come to the lodge with your gear.   We will set you up as a consignor, enter your data, help you tag and label your items and put them out for sale.

  • Drop Off Time and Pick Up times at Ski Sundown Lodge:   
    • All items will be inspected for damage or serviceability (bindings) and only good quality items will be accepted.

    • All items will be tagged and labeled, and secured (twine, tape, etc) during the dropoff process.

    • You will get a receipt and a contract indicating terms and conditions.

    • Drop-Off Times

      • Friday Nov 3'th - between 2pm and 9pm

      • Saturday Nov 4'th - between 10am and 2pm.

    • Pick Up Times​

      • You may pick up your items anytime during the swap, however to get the best chance of selling them we'd suggest keeping them available as long as possible.  We suggest picking them up Sunday between 10am and 2pm is best.   Sunday (Nov 5'th) at 2pm is the final cutoff for pickup up items.  Anything not retrieved after that time is considered a donations. 

  • Sold Items:  Getting Paid for Items Sold: 

    • Come and get your check on Sunday afternoon when you pick up your items.

    • Consignors receive 80% of the value of their item sales

    • If you do not retrieve your check on Sunday, it is considered a donation.

    • You must be present to be paid.   WE DO NOT MAIL CHECKS

  • Unsold Items and Donations:   Each year, we have consignors that want to donate items and/or their consignments checks, and we are happy to accept both since we are a non-profit and the proceeds to towards our training and medical supplies..

    • Before the SWAP, Either contact us ahead of time or drop items off during the drop off hours and just let the patrollers know you are donating it.   We'll take it from there.    If you are donating and not coming to the swap, you can coordinate equipment donations logistics with

    • After the SWAP.   Some people don't want everything back.  As you pick your items and/or check, let the patroller know at checkout that you are donating certain items, and we will put them aside.    Any item not picked up on the last day of the SWAP is considered a donation.   However, we prefer if you can let us know to avoid confusion.    

    • Donate Your Consignment Check: To donate your consignment check, simply tell the patroller at check-in or at check-out that you want to donate the proceeds, and we will take care of it.   You can also donate your proceeds by not picking up your check on Sunday.   

Important Reminder: 



Questions about consignment and sales, contact us at:

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Donatng Items / Checks
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