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SWAP Online Entry Instructions

The Sundown Ski Patrol uses software called Consignpro Remote Data Loader. which allows inventory records to be created on the internet.   Adding the inventory items online cuts the time out of the process and will help you get checking in faster.   You still need to bring, tag and label you items.   But entering information before the swap has show itself to be a real time saver for you.     *** NOTE.. This will be activated in October 2023.  ***

We have laid out the following process for you:

  • You will need a consignor number.  If you don't have one, send me a note with your name, address, phone, and email and I'll set you up and send you your consignor # and password.

  • Using the store information and your customer # sent from the email, you login and begin entering in your items, one per page.   When done with each item, save it and enter the next until you are done.    See the instructions below, they will help you get through the system faster and with less errors..   

  • When you are done, review your records and hit Submit To Consignpro. 

That's it.. you are done and can go shopping.

  • At any time between now and the swap, you can add additional items.    

  • The cutoff for receiving inventory is the Thursday before the swap.   

  • On the day of the swap, come to the designated area (we will have signs near the lodge to help direct you).   Tell us your consignor # and name and we will print all of your item labels, and help you put them on your items.

If you want to check your submitted inventory online or see the status of what sold anytime during the swap, you can use the status screens.   You can see the instructions for those by clicking here.

Please review these instructions before beginning, it will save you time and reduce errors.   There really aren't many steps, just helpful information to help you fill out the form correctly 

Log on to:

The page will look like this: 





1) Enter Store#  BK1126 and Password found in the e-mail described in the email you received. Press: Login


It will bring you to the page where you load your inventory.  To simplify things, there is a checkbox at the bottom of the page that says "Same Consignor".   Click that.    It will save you some keystrokes.


2) Enter your item information, one item per page.    There are only 6 things you need to enter per item.  The others you can skip.  See below:

  • Consignor Number: This is where you enter your 4-digit consignor number. (This number was sent to you via email... your customer number)

  • Skip:  Consignor Split: Should be 80. It is the default and will be reset to 80 if you type over it.

  • Condition-Item:  U stands for Used and all consigned items are considered Used unless they come from an actual Ski Shop and are verified as New.   The rest is just some brief description:  Ie  U-Ski   .. hit enter or click the item.

  • Make-Model: This is where you enter something identifiable about the item for the label.   Ie: Volkl Extreme.  (Max 25 Characters)

  • Color:  self explanatory.  

  • Gender-Size: Provide something that helps the buyer.   we generatlly use: (Unisex, Male, Female, Child, Teen, and XL through XS sized.  Or actual boot or ski sizes.   For example:   F-136   would be female skis 136mm.   Uni-150  might apply to a 150mm snowboard, Child-2yr could be used for children's clothing at the 2 year point.   Use your best judgement.

  • Skip :  Tag Color:   Everyone gets the same color tag.

  • Item Price box. Enter the price charged for your item. You will not need to enter a dollar sign.

  • Skip:  Item Count:  The box defaults to 1. Do not change.

  • Skip:  Notes

  • Skip:  Photo:    We do not use it.


Your screen will look something like this:


When you are done, you can see, edit or submit your items.     

It is critical that you press Submit To Consignpro.  That sends the inventory to us so that we can review and accept or modify items.    Don't bother to press the Download Labels button because we have to review all the items before we add them to the inventory.   We will bulk print everything for the swap and tag/label everything.  Printing them won't save either of us any time.


Your screen will look something like this:.   .

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