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Hoping for colder weather.....


Who We Serve


As trained first responders, we focus on providing medical and safety services to those engaged in outdoor activities

Join Our Team


We are always growing our patrol, providing annual training classes starting each August


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What We Do


We provide emergency medical care and transportation off the mountain to the next best level of care.


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Help support our non-profit organization by donating and helping us with our needed medical supplies

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Who We Are


We are a 100% volunteer organization with over 100 nationally certified patrollers covering 3 shifts, 7 days a week during the season.

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Learn more about the National Ski Patrol System Inc, and our mission.

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Ski Season 2023-2024 Updates

We are very excited for new our sister organization at Ski Sundown: Summit Adaptive Sports.   They continue their long history of adaptive sports under a new name and structure.  


If you are interested in becoming  patroller or mountain host contact us.  Classes form each summer and kick off training early in the fall.

Please consider donating directly to the patrol through the donation links above.    And remember that many companies make matching contnributions!  

Visit us on your next trip to the mountain

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