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Consignor Swap Inventory Status

We are using software provided by ConsignPro to let consigners see their inventory and the sales status of it during the swap.    This will be available for ALL swap consignors.


You only need 4 pieces of information to access your data:  Our State, Our Store (Sundown Ski Swap), your consignor number and your last name.

The website link is:

The input screen will look like this: 


After you log in, you will see links for a few activities, such as View Items, Recent Activity, Export CSV, and Add Items (on the top right.. which brings you back to the Remote Data Loader).


Two things for you to take note of:

  1. Your inventory Items will ONLY appear after they have been submitted, reviewed, and accepted.  This may take a day. 

  2. Status changes of inventory.    As the swap runs, things are sometimes sold and returned.   So you may see an item listed as "Sold" change back to "Available" for sale if that item is returned.   And although we are an "All Sales Final" event, we DO allow while the Swap is running.   This usually happens when someone buys skis or boots and brings them outside to be mounted and realizes that for some reason they are incompatible and need to return them.  Although it doesn't happen very often, we just wanted to make you aware of it, in case you saw an item change status.

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